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Galvanized Chain Link

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing.

If you’re looking for a secure and flexible fencing system that’s affordable, you can’t go wrong with our galvanized chain link fencing. We make installation easy with our driven metal posts, allowing you to confidently succeed in your fencing project. We offer this fencing solution at 4 or 5 ft. tall — giving you the opportunity to choose the ideal option for your property.

Plan Your Fence Install.

Installing a galvanized chain link fence takes planning. We make it easy with our simple Fence Planning Toolkit that will help you navigate the preparation process for a seamless installation.

  • Guidelines and instructions for measuring your property
  • A dynamic grid for drawing out your property
  • Formulas for calculating fence material and the number of posts for project completion
  • Tips from fencing pros
  • Fence estimator for project price

Fence Planning Tool

Chain Link Install Guides

While galvanized chain link fencing is super-easy to install, questions and headaches are bound to happen. We give you the guides and step-by-step instructions to conquer your galvanized chain-link fence installation.

Chain Link Install Guide

Need Help Installing?

If you need a hand with your fencing installation, don’t worry, we can help. Our sister company Northland Fence offers dedicated fencing professionals who will take over your fencing project from start to finish.

I Need A Hand


Our galvanized chain-link fences are coated with hot-dip zinc for added rust and damage resistance, which means no more swelling or shrinking in harsh weather conditions. These fences are built with care and attention to detail and come in three distinct sizes to fit your property to perfection. They are galvanized both before and after weaving for increased durability. Merchant Metals has been a premier architect in quality fencing for well over 60 years.

Protect your property with a durable and secure Galvanized Steel Fence, or even one of Merchant Metal’s Black Chain Link fences that we carry here at Nationwide Fence Supply.

Fence Height *4’, 5’, 6’

Post Installation Type *Cemented Post, Driven Post

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