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Ornamental Steel Fencing

Ornamental Steel Fencing is the perfect combination of security and style, two of the biggest factors when choosing a fence. Strong and durable with high curb-appeal, this type of fence looks great on many types of property and offers both the benefit of form with style without compromising on true utilitarian functionality.

Modeled to resemble a traditional wrought iron fence, ornamental steel fencing is made from “mild steel” which gives the same curb appeal as wrought iron fencing but without the added cost and maintenance. Steel is durable and requires very little maintenance. Additionally, the strength of steel offers the best in security without compromising on design aesthetics.

Ornamental Steel Fencing Offers Both Security and Style

Some features and benefits of ornamental steel fencing include:

  • Strong design thanks to strength of material and welded components
  • Long lasting due to material quality and design
  • High durability in harsh weather or environmental conditions
  • Rust resistant
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Versatile in style and application
  • Fits many yard and landscape stylesUtilitarian functionality in defining property lines and providing heightened security

1. Drive Post


4. Sleeve w/ Square Posts


3. Install Panels w/ Fittings


4. Adjust Height/Fasten to Posts


5. Install Gates w/ Hardware


6. Touch Up as Needed


This type of fence has many different applications and benefits. Ornamental steel fencing is commonly used to enhance the security of your property or secure a pool perimeter because of of their strength and spear-top configuration which helps to deter trespassers and animals from knocking down or climbing over the fence. Design-wise, ornamental steel fencing enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and can add style to landscaping or outbuildings. Their application ranges from apartment complexes to private homes to office buildings, and work for sloped properties as well.

Ornamental steel fencing is strong in part thanks to welded rather than fastened joints. This makes for a durable and more steadfast structure, one which can withstand years of harsh weather conditions with no signs of wear or deterioration.

In addition to its durable steel construction, ornamental steel fences are practically maintenance free. Coated with a durable powder coating, these fences resist rust and corrosion, and won’t require painting, repairs and regular upkeep, further increasing the long-term return on investment.

Although the initial cost may be higher than other fence types, the benefits of a classical appearance, heightened security and unmatched durability combined with little to no future maintenance costs make ornamental steel fencing an excellent return on investment and s strong choice for your property.

Nationwide Fence Supply offers 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot fence height options, and are installed using driven posts which are hand-set using a post driver.