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Vinyl Privacy Fence

Our Vinyl Privacy Fence collection offers a wide variety of colors and textures. We offer a standard tongue-and-groove style as well a lattice top option. Choose between the time-saving driven post method or traditional concrete fence post installation. We offer all our Vinyl Privacy Fences in 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot heights.

Select your Vinyl Privacy Fence style below to access our Fence Estimation Form. The form will allow you to choose a color, height, post installation method, and configure number of posts, gates and additional options to get an estimate for your new fence.

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Available colors

Natural Aged Cedar
Natural Chestnut Brown
Natural Cedar
Natural Redwood
Natural Weathered Cedar
Almond Blend
Arbor Blend
Arctic Blend
Brazilian Blend
Canyon Blend
Frontier Blend
Honey Blend
Natural Clay Blend
Sierra Blend
Timber Blend
Weathered Blend
  • Available fence heights: 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot
  • Post heights for Driven posts:
    • 4-foot fence = 8-foot post
    • 5-foot fence = 8-foot post
    • 6-foot fence = 8-foot post
  • Post heights for Concreted posts:
    • 4-foot fence = 6-foot post
    • 5-foot fence = 7-foot post
    • 6-foot fence = 9-foot post

Our Fence Planning Toolkit walks you through every step of the planning process to get the numbers you need for a pricing estimate. Our kit includes:

  • Guidelines for measuring your property
  • A grid for drawing out your property
  • Formulas to figure out how much fence material and number of each type of post you will need
  • Tips and recommendations

Once your planning kit is complete, select your fence type and enter the numbers into the fence estimator to get your price.