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How to Choose a High Quality Vinyl Fence

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Vinyl fencing has become a smart choice in economically installing a fence on your properties. You finally make the leap and are faced with so many decisions on how the fence will look. Another thing to consider is how well the fence is made. Quality is not always associated with high prices.

There should be other certain aspects overviewed before your purchase including the very materials that make up the PVC vinyl fence. These specific traits can tell you if the quality of the fence is up to par with your standards. Don’t be fooled thinking a fence with a high price must be good. Doing a little research should on different companies and products should be the first step to finding a new vinyl fence.

Do not settle for whatever you can find in the home improvement shop around the corner. Look into the vast options available for your new vinyl fence. Keep personal preference in mind for style and price, but, by far, the most important must-have is quality. No other factor matters if the fence doesn’t last. Follow these guidelines to pick a fence that will be worth your hard earned money.

Quality Factors

A sturdy fence is desired and when dealing with vinyl fencing, most decide its strength from how wide the beams and paneling are. Finding a quality vinyl fence is harder than simply going by the thickness. While this is one of the most important factors to consider, it is not the sole teller of a fence’s quality.


While vinyl is a sturdy material, the panels and posts still need a certain level of thickness to stand strong for years and prevent damage. A company skimping on the thickness or giving you weak hollowed pieces could be trying to save on material. This practice will leave them with a higher profit, but the consumer is the one that pays the price with a poorer quality item. Pieces that are at least .4 centimeters or .15 inches should be durable enough for most consumers, anything thinner will be more susceptible to damage.

Reinforcements/ Supports

The supports that span across the bottom of the posts and panels as well as the posts themselves are where a fence holds all of its weight. These load bearing parts need to be strong to keep your fence standing. Galvanized steel or aluminum are stronger options for supports than wood.

An important thing to look for is galvanized steel on the base of the post. Galvanized steel, more than other metals, will resist rust from water. This is vital over time since it will be outdoors.

As for the lower horizontal panel supports, some models include internal support. Internal supports use a second material on the inside of the vinyl to provide additional tenacity to your fence. Not only are metal supports less likely to break but wood is also known to warp, causing a wavy uneven fence line.

Know The Ingredients

Initially feeling or touching a vinyl fence can give a customer an idea if the fence is an ideal thickness. This cannot always guarantee its strength. Paying attention to the small details of the vinyl fence is important. This means looking at exact ingredients and noticing whether they contain stabilizers. Stabilizers are essential to preventing the sagging of the vinyl. Also, if the vinyl fence is made of recycled vinyl it will not be as strong as a virgin vinyl fence.


The hardware that comes with your fence is important and not where you want to save your money. Even if you must purchase it separately, be sure to find quality parts to aid your vinyl fence in lasting. It is common to find weak aluminum hardware in many self-assembled products and most times they are not strong enough to get the job done or stay strong. Real stainless steel is the way to go when it comes to hardware. These will not give way or rust for a long time.


A quality PVC fence will have the option to come with a limited lifetime warranty. This will cover the regular maintenance and even circumstances where your fence may suffer damage. This is very vital in areas that commonly have high wind velocities. While the stability of vinyl fences have improved, there can occur a problem with leaning when the installation is done incorrectly or is the weather conditions prove too intense.

Research Vinyl Fence Providers

Using well-known companies can prove beneficial because they are likely to continue selling fences into the future. With the maintenance that will come up in the years following your purchase, you will want to have a company that is still able to fulfill your warranty when needed.

Avoid Big Name Stores

Try your best to avoid the mass department chains such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. There is not a wide variety of fencing offered and because of this lack in choice, the quality may suffer as well. The brands carried will always show an inflated retailer’s price.

A way to get the product directly is to find companies that only sell vinyl fencing, or at least focus on it.

Why Vinyl Fencing is Perfect For You

Vinyl Fencing has many advantages over fences made of wood or metal. This includes its price in companion to its durability. Choosing a vinyl fence can save the owner money over time because of the long-lasting, low-maintenance qualities.


The low cost of vinyl fencing is what makes the PVC that valuable to everyday consumers. It comes with many of the perks of more traditional types of fencing, but it will cost sufficiently less. Vinyl fencing can be manufactured much easier than any fences made with lumber. All of this leads to a more economic alternative to wood fencing that saves money initially and throughout the years of ownership.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is needed on a regular basis for a fence. Vinyl PVC fencing does not split or rot, and it’s color can be preserved for long periods of time. Since this vinyl is resistant to a lot of conditions that defer other fences, maintenance does not have to be done as often.

Even when your vinyl fence encounters a problem and needs repaired, there are usually warranties that can be bought at the initial time of purchase.


The process of installing a vinyl fence is not extravagant and can be done over a few days without the help of a professional. This not only saves the customer money, but it will be a great accomplishment once done. Guides can easily be found on the internet of how to install PVC fencing, but at the point of purchase, there should be pamphlets and instructions included.

Style Variation

The designs of vinyl fencing are diverse and can suit and home or property. They can be used practically or to even simply add that beautiful and classic white picket look.

Vinyl fencing can be a great option, even for those who prefer the beautiful texture of wood fencing, but do not have time for its constant maintenance. Timberland Fencing is a type of vinyl PVC fencing that imitates wood grain in texture and coloring. There are even different wood grains available.

Personal Preferences

When choosing your vinyl fencing, an important aspect along with the quality to consider is if the company offers the type of vinyl fencing you would prefer. Ponder the coloring and design of the landscape where the fence is going and plan your new addition accordingly. Certain companies will only specialize in certain types and there is a broad selection of vinyl fencing available.

The most popular designs are picket vinyl fencing and privacy vinyl fencing. Always consider your personal feelings when choosing the color, gate design, and even height. There are times that height is a necessity and

Quality is in the Maintenance

Over time anything is bound to need repairs. Vinyl fencing will last longer than its wooden counterparts, but will still need some regular attention to stay in pristine condition.

After purchasing a quality fence, some make the mistake of not doing weekly cleaning and a quick sweep of the condition of their fence. Do not assume your vinyl fence is impenetrable, a quality fence can deteriorate just as any anything, if not looked after.

High-Quality Vinyl Fencing

Making a large a purchase can be intimidating and with all of the options of fencing around, it can be difficult to settle on one type. After carefully picking your design and texture style of pvc vinyl fencing, decide what company presents the best quality product for the price. Do not shy away from asking the advice of a professional in vinyl fencing that is knowledgeable on how to tell which vinyl fencing is the best quality.

Researching before running to your nearest improvement store can be the most important beginning step. A quality vinyl fence can be chosen quickly and efficiently if you look for the specific qualities that have been laid out. With all of the options offered in vinyl fencing, there is sure to be one in a complimentary design that will have the specs to have a sustainable, long lifetime.