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Are you ready to get started on your fence installation but don’t know where to start? With Nationwide Fence Supply, you can choose between two unique fence installation styles to reach your goals and build your long-lasting fencing solution.

Things to Consider

Do you need a permit? Is your fence design appropriate for your property? What are your soil conditions?

Driven Fence Post System.

The driven-fence post system is a proprietary installation method that makes building your enclosure a breeze throughout all four seasons. This fast and efficient installation process doesn’t require any cement, dirt removal, or all-day cleanup. Discover why the driven fence post system is right for you — and learn how you can install your fence faster today.

Easy to do yourself No digging Less cleanup Install in all weather conditions

Manual Driven Fence Post Installation

  1. Start with the fence T-post positioned in the spot marked for your fence post.
  2. Let the post driver do most of the work in combination to the pressure you apply to drive it.
  3. Set your post over the T-post.

This method involves no digging, no mixing cement, and no waiting for it to set. Most fence installations involving cement will force you to wait at least 24 hours for the posts to set before installing the panels. Driven posts can have panels applied immediately afterward — helping you complete your fencing project faster than ever before.


If your post is four feet tall or shorter, driving the fence can be done with hammering. This method works well for temporary fences or those with rebar posts for a rustic feeling around a garden. The hammering method is also best for emergency repairs when you only need to work on one post.


A hydraulic post driver can be attached to a tractor or other type of heavy equipment. This is typically a solution for larger fence installations or those on massive properties where heavy machinery won’t interfere with the yard, landscaping, or neighboring properties.

An Emerging Method

While chain Link Fences have commonly been driven into the ground in installation, it is now being applied to many different fence styles. We make self-installation an easy process, helping you conquer your fencing project with ease for a wide variety of designs.

Cemented Fence Post System

Cementing is also a common and trusted installation process for your fence system. Although not for beginners, you can cement your posts with a few helpers or alone with some additional tools (bricks or 2x4s).

With cementing, there are a handful of tools you’ll need to get the job done right. Additionally, you’ll need to pay close attention to the instructions and act quickly so that your cement doesn’t start setting until it’s around your posts.

Tools You’ll Need

Digging Tools (Shovel, Auger) Level Gravel Bucket or Wheelbarrow Drill 2x4s

A Little Effort, A Big Difference

If you’re looking to get started on your DIY fencing project, we can help. Save time and money with our proprietary driven fence post system to conquer your self-installation. Many others are making the switch to driven fence posts for a smarter, faster option. Whether you’re looking to install a chain-link, vinyl, or even ornamental steel fencing solution — we offer the resources and guides to make your fencing project a headache-free process.

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