• Easy DIY process requires no digging
  • Works in any weather, even in frozen ground!
  • No concrete to pour
  • Works with all of our fence types

Driven Fence Post System

At Nationwide Fence Supply, we’ve developed a proprietary method that makes it easy to install fencing through all four seasons of the year in record time, without removing dirt, without using cement, and without the all-day cleanup that takes place once the job is finished. Take a closer look at just how easy our installation process is:


  • Start with the fence T-post positioned in the spot marked for your fence post.
  • Let the post driver do most of the work in combination to the pressure you apply to drive it.
  • Set your post over the T-post.
driving in a fence post
driving fence post manually

This method involves no digging, no mixing cement, and no waiting for it to set. Most cement post installation will force you into waiting 24 hours for the posts to set before installing the panels (to not affect leveling.) Driven posts can have panels applied immediately afterward. And, they don't make a big mess in your yard like digging holes!

Chain Link Fences have commonly been driven into the ground in installation. With this being a common tactic, it is now being applied to many different fence. Which makes self-installation a reality with a variety of designs.

Driving Your Chain Link Fence Posts

Here at Nationwide Fence Supply, there is a bold method of installation that can save time during your installation by cutting out any digging time. Self driven posts are easier to install, just as efficient, and in some situations more efficient, than a typical cemented post. Because of workers comfort and experience with the old method, it can be challenging to implement new construction techniques, even if they’re better. But self driven posts are becoming more popular and changing builders minds.

Anchored Positioning

Using an anchoring positioning method, it is easy to successfully install self-driving posts.

This involves driving a pole into the specific positions desired and having it pounded into the ground before attaching the post. This is much simpler than driving the entire post and easier to remove than concrete.

No Dig!

This method is completely digless- less tools, less of a mess, or even lawn aftercare clean up. This is not the typical method used for installing posts, but it is just as efficient. Self driven posts are specifically designed for a simple DIY installation.

Consider Soil Conditions

Driven Fence Post Installation can be done in a multitude of different climates, and at all times of the season. This method was actually developed in Western Canada where the ground is usually frozen and hard to dig.

Due to frost, the ground in this area can even push cemented post out of the ground. It is much harder for frost to push a pole out of the ground than it is for concrete. Even in the unlikely case this does happen, the self driven post will be much easier to repair. This design is the best option in areas with extremely heavy or long winters but works just as well elsewhere.

Some conditions are not suitable for most fences and will need their own specific solutions. If you live on a wetlands, there are most likely certain restraints on the construction of fences on these areas. If you do not live on wetlands but have a portion of your property that seems continuously muddy, it is best to build around this area. Especially muddy or wet ground is more likely to shift, causing your posts to lean.

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