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Driven Fence Post Installation.

Why Drive Your Posts?

We offer an easier, faster, and innovative way to install your fencing —saving time and cutting out complications. While the traditional cemented method for driving posts has long been the go-to for fencing professionals, self-driven fence installation is faster and just as efficient. Today, more and more homeowners and property owners are looking to take on their own fencing project. Self-driven fence post installation is becoming increasingly popular for their speed, ease, and overall effectiveness.

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The Driven Fence Post Installation Process.

If you’re ready to install your Nationwide Supply Fencing solution, the driven fence post installation method is fast and reliable. There are essentially three basic ways you can go about your driven fence post installation process.

Depending on which route you take with your driven fence post installation, you may need various tools. No matter which method you choose, this cutting-edge post installation will help you construct your fence faster and smarter.

The Benefits:

  • Easy DIY process
  • No digging
  • No concrete
  • Works with all of Nationwide Fence Supply solutions

Let’s Get Started

Anchored Positioning.

Using an anchoring positioning method, you can successfully install self-driving posts with ease. By driving a pole into the specific positions and pounding them into the ground before attaching the post, you’re able to drive the entire post faster and more efficiently.

Dig Free.

One aspect of driven fence post installation that is attractive to the self-installation crowd is that it’s dig-free. This means fewer tools, less mess, and less lawn aftercare clean up. This self-driven method is specifically designed for DIY installation.

Consider Soil Conditions.

Another fantastic component of the driven fence post method is that it can be done in nearly any climate and at any time during the season. Even in frozen areas where the ground is incredibly hard, this installation process can be completed with a little more elbow grease.

In fact, when the ground is frozen, other installation methods such as cement can actually be more difficult due to the posts being pushed from the earth from the cold.

Some conditions are not suitable for most fences and will need their own specific solutions. If you live on wetlands, you may face some fairly difficult obstacles. If you do not live on wetlands but have a portion of your property that seems continuously muddy, it is best to build around this area. Especially because the muddy or wet ground is more likely to shift, causing your posts to lean.


Manual post drivers are the most common way to install self-driving posts. A manually driven fence post installer is the basics for any of Nationwide Fence Supply’s fences – and comes with a pipe, cap, and two attaching handles. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Slip the unit over the top of a post.
Step 2: Raise this post driver and apply pressure as it is dropped on top of the post.

This driver’s weight and the accompanying cap help produce a powerful enough impact to fixate the bottom of the post securely underground.


If you have the space and equipment on hand — a tractor or another piece of heavy equipment, you can attach a hydraulic post driver. Through the power of hydraulics coupled with the tractor’s engine, the pressure will easily drive the posts into the ground.


For shorter posts, around four feet tall or shorter, you can drive your posts with a large hammer. While this method may take the most strength, it’s especially useful for temporary fences o those with rebar posts. You can also take advantage of the hammer approach for emergency repairs or when you only need to work on one post.

Driven Fence Post For Vinyl Fences

Are you ready to get started on your vinyl fence install? Driven fence posts are a fast and efficient way to get your fencing project completed in all four seasons. No cement, no dirt removal, no digging, and no massive cleanup project. Take a look at our installation guide and follow along to complete your fencing install with confidence.

Driven Fence Posts For Ornamental Steel Fences

If you’re thinking about getting started on your ornamental steel fence installation from Nationwide Fence Supply, we can help every step of the way. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to help you from the planning phase to the final panel today.

Driven Fence Posts For Chain Link Fences

The driven-post method is a tried and true method for installing your chain link fencing. We’ll help you navigate your chain link fencing project from start to finish — with tips from the pros and step-by-step instructions.

Need Help Installing?

If you need a hand with your fencing installation, don’t worry, we can help. Our sister company Northland Fence offers dedicated fencing professionals who will take over your fencing project from start to finish. Sit back, relax, and let the pros construct your fence today.

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