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Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Fences

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An establishment never seems complete without a fence…a durable, aesthetic one for that matter. For someone who is looking for these two qualities, a vinyl fence is always a good choice. If you have been eyeing a vinyl fence for any of your fencing projects, this guide is prepared just for you so read on!

Simply Stunning and durable!

Vinyl fences are made from plastic-based material. The fences emerge as superior in terms of aesthetics and durability when compared to other types of fencing such as wood.

Quite unique from other synthetic materials, some of vinyl’s elements such as chlorine and ethylene can be found naturally from trees. This actually means is that unlike any other types of fences, vinyl fences combine both synthetic and natural properties.

The Superiority of Vinyl Fences Over Wood Fences

Considering that each has its own advantages, deciding whether to go with a vinyl or wood fence is always a daunting task. All things considered, however, the advantages of vinyl fences outdo those of wood fences by far. Here are the qualities that make vinyl fences a better option:


According to scientists, vinyl fences are 6 times stronger than wood. Even with this type of strength, vinyl still remains more flexible than any of the other fencing materials. This flexibility makes installation of vinyl easy and also makes it possible for manufacturers to produce more sophisticated vinyl fence designs.

Ability to withstand weather

All fence structures are under the direct exposure of the ambient weather. As a result of their strength and flexibility, vinyl fences can withstand harsh weather like strong winds, sun heat, or extremely low temperatures.

Easy to clean

Due to exposure to dust and wet soil, fences will become tainted with dirt stains soon after installation. Regular cleaning to keep the fences clean is, therefore, a must. Cleaning is easier with vinyl fences as the surface does not hold on to dirt. All you will need is some water, soap, and a soft brush.

Low maintenance and repair

Due to their flexibility and strength, vinyl fences are less likely to crack under strong pressure which can be caused by daily hustle or harsh weather. This means that repair will be less frequent with vinyl fences than with any other type of fence.

Other types of fences might also require paint right after installation. This is usually to protect the surface from damage by weather. Painting a vinyl fence is not necessary because their resilient surface lasts a lifetime without fading.

More versatility

Vinyl fences offer more customization options in terms of design and color. You can order a custom design or color to match your specific needs straight from the manufacturer.


According to a recent study, vinyl is among the largest sold plastic-based materials worldwide. The study also revealed that manufacturers are opting to produce vinyl over other competitor synthetic materials because its production requires low input in terms of resources and the fact that the process also produces lower emissions to the environment.

After manufacture, most synthetic materials also contain chemicals that might be hazardous to the environment. Vinyl is, however, a clean non-reactive material.

Cheaper in the long run

The initial cost for vinyl fences is usually higher than that of wood and chain link fences. In the long-run, however, vinyl fences require less maintenance because they do not crack, chip, warp, or chalk easily. When we are considering things in the long run, vinyl fences are always the cheaper option.

Resistance to rotting and pests

Wood fences are susceptible to rot and damage by pests. To prevent this damage, wood fences require expensive treatment from time to time. Vinyl fences do not require this type of treatment because they are resistant to bugs and rot.

Steps for Choosing your Vinyl Fence

After deciding to go with a vinyl fence over a wood fence, there are a couple of other decisions that are coming your way. Save you the trouble of rummaging aimlessly over the various styles, colors, and textures, we have prepared a step by step guide for choosing your vinyl fence:

  • Browse through finished designs for inspiration

Browsing through finished vinyl fence projects is the best source of inspiration when you are looking for the perfect vinyl fence design for your home. You can take a tour in your neighborhood, browse online, or flip through home design magazines for some vinyl fencing ideas.

  • What’s the purpose of your fence?

Do you want privacy, a barrier for your pool, or a just a fence for keeping pets and toddlers inside the compound? There is a design for each purpose. A picket fence, for instance, will be perfect for someone who wants an uninterrupted view of the surroundings. A privacy fence, on the other hand, blocks the view but is ideal for keeping pets and little kids within the boundaries of your home.


As a material, vinyl has proved itself to be valuable for a variety of construction needs. Vinyl fences emerge as dirt free, durable, and cheap in the long run.

If you have been looking for a vinyl fence-based expert, you have come to the right place! On top of having a huge collection of vinyl fence and chain-link fence products, we also answer all the troubling questions you might have to ensure that you are proud and satisfied in the backend.